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  1. It's accessed at https://myportfolio.ucl.ac.uk/ -  or if a tutor on a Moodle space has enabled the MyPortfolio block, then via that too.
  2. It's the only centrally-hosted environment at UCL specifically for students.
  3. It's very good indeed at laying things out exactly as you want them.
  4. It's very good at embedding different media and external web services eg timelines, maps, presentations, galleries.
  5. You can make and join groups.
  6. Students have total control over who sees what - the trade-off is that there may be a couple of extra steps to post your materials.
  7. Everything you want to share or publish needs first to be put into a Page.


Testmoz was developed by an undergraduate student at the University of Vancouver and does not require you to create an account. You need to know HTML to images or other media which are already hosted elsewhere (and which you are permitted to use in this way) by typing HTML into the question field when setting up the quiz (n.b. it doesn't work well with Flickr iframe embeds for example). It’s hosted, free, and tracks responses (exportable to CSV). However, there is no feedback on responses.


    • If you want to embed e.g. a quiz from a third party service but MyPortfolio doesn't let you, contact ele@ucl.ac.uk leaving plenty of time before the deadline, since for security reasons we will need to tell MyPortfolio to trust the site you want to embed from (not guaranteed - check with us first).
    • To make a quiz you'll generally need to create an account with the service, so do check the terms & conditions.
    • As with all third-party services, if you want to guarantee access to your work in the future, do export your work or keep a copy in a different format.

I can't seem to embed from my Google Drive - what's going wrong?