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Put 吗 ma after a statement, and you have a question:

你吃饭了吗? Nǐ chīfànle ma?
‘Did you have your dinner/lunch? / Have you eaten?'

你说的是真的吗? Nǐ shuō de shì zhēnde ma?
‘Is what you said true?'

你知道他去哪儿了吗? Nǐ zhīdào tā qù nǎr le ma?
‘Do you know where he went?’

这个字是这样念吗? Zhège zì shì zhè yàng niàn ma?
‘Do you read the character like this?’

迟到的后果会很严重吗? Chídào de hòuguǒ yánzhòng ma?
‘Will it be serious to be late?’