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  • Virtual noticeboards:
    • Mural.ly: https://mural.ly
    • Padlet: http://padlet.com/
      • CAUTION: Although many users benefit from using Padlet, UCL does not support this application. Hence, if you encounter problems using it you cannot rely on help from ISD or Digital Education. However, any advice or observations Digital Education has received from UCL Padlet users is posted here: 
        • "Normally it's fine to embed Padlet into Moodle (via a table or page using the iframe code provided). However, if you use the Padlet 'Back Channel' format, this plays havoc with scrolling the Moodle page and you will constantly find, when trying to scroll up or down the Moodle page, that you suddenly get flicked back to the embedded padlet. I've not found a solution to be able to use the padlet back channel format except to just link it and not to embed it." – K. Logan