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A role description will help Champions represent what they do, command gain attention and gain recognition e.g. when seeking promotion or remission for e-learning activities.This one is a draft, still to be negotiated. have their work recognised.


Please feel free to contributeadapt this and make it your own.


Champions' activities:


  1. Identify support, resource and training or staff educational development requirements within your department and work with ELE and CALT to develop a plan to address this.Coordinate evolving position statements to express these e-learning aims and requirements, enabling UCL to plan for themDigital Education and the Arena Centre to act on these.
  2. Liaise with ELE and CALT to organise Digital Education organise educational, practical and moral support for experimental colleagues.
  3. Contribute to departmental and UCL debates and decisions which shape the context for e-learning, including policy, infrastructure, spaces, and openness.
  4. Identify, share, and help to disseminate Be aware of, and promote, good and/or interesting local, UCL and sector-wide practice e.g. by identifying examples and case studies.practice in your department.
  5. Contribute to departmental and UCL e-learning digital education initiatives, events and networks.
  6. Help to review new technologies e.g. by participating in trials pilots and experiments.
  7. Shape Help to improve the provision of technologies already in use by identifying opportunities, benefits, barriers and unmet needs for ELE Digital Education to address.
  8. Review and evaluate e-learning initiatives, and feed findings into your department's planning and policy frameworks.
  9. Involve students in plans and designs (and help ELE and CALT Digital Education involve) students.
  10. Contribute to debates and decisions which shape digital education at UCL.



  1. Are a main point of contact between their department and ELEDigital Education.
  2. Connect Try to connect with both reluctant and enthusiastic users of e-learning colleagues in their departments.
  3. Are an approachable, constructive sounding board for e-learning colleagues’ ideas and plans.
  4. Take an interest in each other.
  5. Have status within their department.
  6. Sit on their department's Teaching Committee.



Benefits of being an E-Learning ChampionsChampion:

  1. Role A role on Departmental Teaching & Learning Committee.
  2. Working with ELE to study e-learning in your departmentA close relationship with Digital Education.
  3. Experience and evidence for recognition e.g. Higher Eduction Education Academy professional accreditation via UCL Arena.
  4. Insights into digital education in your subject area.
  5. Advancing the UCL Education Strategy.
  6. A supportive, inclusive Champions Network for sharing ideas and practice.


* We use 'departmentDepartment' here to mean means a teaching unit or division, often within a faculty.