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Children Display


  • Windows: BB Flashback Express - a free unlimited length screen capture program (for Windows), which is easy to use and exports to avi for import and editing in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Mac: 
    • QuickTime Player (for Mac) allows you to capture your screen and yourself (if you have a webcam). Go to File > New Screen Recording.
    • You can also initiate screen recording by pressing command-shift-5. Ensure you choose a mic input as it may default to 'none'.

Editing process

  1. Once you have captured your video, save it as an avi file (or similar).
  2. Use Windows Movie Maker (Windows), or iMovie (Mac) to edit the video, add titles, images and any transitions.
  3. Save as an mp4 file for uploading to Lecturecast or Moodle - avoid Flash as it is not smart phone compatible.