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The energy demand module has aggregated formulations for some sectors and more detailed formulations for other sectors. In the description that follows, the generic model is presented which is used for the service sector, part of the industry sector (light) and in the category other sectors. Next, the more technology detailed sectors of residential energy use, heavy industry and transport are discussed in relation to the elements of the generic model. In the generic module, demand for final energy is  calculated for each region (R), sector (S) and energy form (F, heat or electricity) according to:

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in which FE represents final energy, POP represents population, ACT/POP the sectoral activity per capita, SC a factor capturing intra-sectoral structural change, AEEI the autonomous energy efficiency improvement and PIEEI the price-induced energy efficiency improvement. In the denominator, η is the end-use efficiency of energy carriers used, for example in boilers and stoves, and MS represents the share of each energy carrier. Population and economic activity levels are exogenous inputs into the module.