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Voting handsets communicate with the computer running the presentation via pre-defined 'channels' and for it to work the handsets and receiver need to be on the same channel. The default channel used at UCL is 41, and any managed PC's in lecture theatres, or handsets on loan from Audio Visual should be set to this channel. If you install the Turningpoint software on your own computer we recommend that you also set the channel to 41.

Occasionally, devices can get set to different channels. The following instructions detail how to set the channel for TurningPoint responseware.

The USB Receiver

The USB receiver is a plug and play unit and should automatically install itself when you plug it in. You will know it has successfully installed when a single continuous green LED shows on the receiver.

The handsets

You can't see at a glance which channel a voting handset is set to (see testing below) but if you want to change/confirm which channel it is using then press the bottom left button (often labelled 'CH' or 'GO') the LED will flash alternately green and red. Press the digits of the channel, eg '4' followed by '1', and then press the Ch/GO button again.

The software

Plug in the USB receiver you will be using and open the Turninpoint software. Go to Polling -> Receiver and make sure the first response card channel is set to 41. (If the USB receiver has been recognised you will see it's device ID listed under the the first channel)


Plug in the USB receiver you will be using and open the Turninpoint software. Go to Polling -> Receiver and then Polling Connections: Test - a test window will appear. Then press any numeric key on the handset you want to test. If the handset can connect, the LED on the handset will flash six short green flashes and you will see the device ID appear in the test window. If the handset cannot connect you wont see it's ID appear in the test window and the LED will flash 8 orange flashes followed by a red flash.