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  • It's particularly helpful for setting up personal tuition sessions, presentation sessions, or any other meeting where participants choose a slot.
  • Participants (one or more, depending on your settings) can register for one on a first-com-first-served basis.
  • Once the slot is full it becomes unavailable, but if a student cancels it can become available again.
  • Scheduler keeps track of the appointments, prevents clashes, and allows slots to be freed up if somebody's plans change.
  • Staff can themselves set up appointments for students, and have Moodle send the participants a notification email.
  • Staff can set different locations for meetings.
  • Scheduler will optionally send out email reminders to both staff and students.
  • Scheduler lets staff record whether the meeting took place or not, and make notes about attendance.
  • Staff can see which colleagues are seeing which students.
  • Staff can see which students have not yet made or attended an appointment.
  • Staff can add notes to the appointment, which are visible to the student(s).

Who can use it?

Tutor or Course Administrators can set up a Scheduler and add slots.


It's possible to export the records as a spreadsheet, but n.b. the export does not include the aforementioned Comments or Notes. However, the annual Moodle snapshot means that a record is kept which can easily be accessed on demand.