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  • M04a - Label - good for heading and short descriptions or instructions on the Moodle course homepage.
  • M04b - Page - good for short content
  • M04c - Book - good for longer content that can be split (or "chunked") into smaller "chapters" of content.
  • M21 - Lesson - good for longer content that you want students to read and then answer a short question on to check their understanding, or have them reflect (E.g. a case study).


Evaluate your content and decide the best option for displaying the content, as either a file/folder, label, page, book or lesson. See 'What is it?' above.


  1. Turn editing on and go to the section of your course where you would like to add the content.
  2. To add content to the course homepage, choose label, but be careful not to add too much information, or you will overwhelm students.
  3. To add content to a Moodle page that is linked from the course homepage, choose to add either a:
  4. Follow the instructions for each of the above items.


Avoid adding a lot of text to labels or section headings on the course homepage, or to single pages that mean students need to scroll to read it all. It is better to split (or chunk) this information into blocks of content, known as chapters using the book resource.

Examples and case studies