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You may find it quicker to create content by using wiki markup. Using wiki markup is a powerful way to add design and functionality to your wiki pages. To do this, select the Wiki Markup tab after selecting the Edit tab. There is a summary of the markup system available from the full guide link in the right column. (This only appears when you're editing.) Common codes include:

No Format
h1. Biggest heading
h5. Smallest heading


---- for a horizontal line across the page

* for a bullet point
** for a sub-bullet
# for a numbered point

[British Library|http://www.bl.uk] for a link to a Web site

{note:title=title of note} text of note

Biggest heading

Smallest heading

---- for a horizontal line across the page

  • for a bullet point
    • for a sub-bullet
  1. for a numbered point
    British Library for a link to a Web site
    titletitle of note

    text of note


How do I rename or move a page?

  • Just To rename a page, just select the Edit tab and change the page's name in the Space field. By so doing, you will break any links to your page, but you get a warning message.


  • Click on the EDIT link next to Labels at the top of your page.
    Anyone with the right to see the page can see the label.
    If you put my: at the beginning of a label, only you can see it.

How do I read news posts about a page?

  • To read any news about a page, go to the Browse Space tab and select News.


Wiki space owners who allow UCL staff and students to edit or comment on pages, or who allow anonymous read permission to anyone on the internet should maintain an active awareness of contributions by applying the settings Watch a space or Subscribe to daily updates) to that space.
You must be a space administrator (see the Browse Space link) to do this.


It is not possible to create your own groups for assigning access rights in the case of a personal space. The procedure for doing it for a global space is:You can also create your own groups and add people to them by clicking

  • Click on the Browse Space link and then on the Manage Users/Groups tab. Here you can create your own groups and add people to them.

It is better to use this feature, rather than granting permission to individuals, as it is a lot less work if you ever need to change the permissions in future.


A good general overview may be found at: http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/webinar.jsp
UCL specific documentation is here: http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/AboutWiki/About+the+UCL+Wiki
For detailed documentation, see: http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DOC/Confluence+Documentation+Home


  1. Do not navigate away from a page your editing (e.g. by clicking your browser's Back button) as you may lose content.
  2. Do not save your pages too often, as this creates many versions.
  3. Do not leave pages open in Edit edit mode for a long time, as this puts a heavy load on the server.