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Gradual information release

Conditional release can be used to release content gradually, based either on what students have already accessed, or by date.


  • Navigation -  Displays links to each course section, which expand upon clicking to show activities/resources in that section (if configured to show everything). To help students navigate, keep the Navigation block prominently displayed at the top of the page.
  • Activities - lists all activity types available on the course, so if a student wants to find an Assignment they can click 'Assignments' and locate the one they are looking for, without having to understand which section of the course it is located within.
  • Latest News - shows the latest news item titles, when it was posted and who posted it. If students want to read the news they can click the title to read the disucssion post. They will also have received an email notification, assuming the default 'force subscribe' setting on the forum is still enabled.
  • Recent Activity - shows the latest changes to the course, including new resources and activities. Students can use this block to see what new material is available for them. This is an easy way to signpost to students new content, which is especially important for students with disabilities (Jisc 2015).
  • Library Resources - shows links to the course reading list (you can hide this if not used); WISE information skills courses; and past exams.past exam papers
  • Library Search -  allows students to search for library resources directly from their Moodle course home page. The library's federated search engine, called Explore, indexes journals, books and Lynda.com courses.Course Menu -  provides students
  • a way to easily navigate to any visible section in the course. Traditionally websites have positioned navigation menus to the top, left of their pages (Jones, 2014), so it is recommended you add the course menu to the top, left of your course, so students expecting to find it here can easily see it

    Common Timetable - provides a link to the common timetable for your module, as well as a personal timetable link that will take each tutor and student to their own personal timetable. If you want to link to a programme or department timetable instead, or add an additional module timetable, you can edit the settings to do this.

  • People - links to the course participants list, which allows students to see and contact others on the course, such as their tutor, course administrator, course leader and other students.