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  • Online activities are used to inform face to face activities. E.g. students are asked to research and discuss a topic online in groups, prior to sharing these more widely in a face to face session.
    Further information on active participation

  • Collaborative activities are encouraged, such as asking students to contribute to a wiki of shared knowledge; or share useful resources via a forum.

  • Students are guided through a series of tasks (using branches and optionally questions) using the Moodle Lesson activity, or similar.
  • Further information on scaffolding learning using collaborative activites. (Structure)

  • Students reflect on their own learning using online tools (such as blogs, wikis, forums).

  • Students complete set tasks and lead the topic discussions. This may count as their attendance (for distance learning courses) and/or form part of their assessment.
  • Online communication tools are predominantly used to question, clarify and debate the taught concepts, rather than answer administrative queries, although a space for these is provided.

A guide is available from UCL on encouraging active learning