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Opinio, Moodle questionnaire, survey monkey


It is useful to consider how the module or programme can be improved for future. Often this information is only collected upon completion of the module or programme. By this stage current students will not benefit from changes to the course. In this section we look at ways to gather continual feedback during the course and methods for encouraging students to complete feedback forms.

There are a couple tools that can be used to gather feedback from students.

  • The Moodle questionnaire allows you to ask questions (anonymously*) and then download the results for analysis in a Spreadsheet tool, like Excel. You can remind those students who haven't completed the questionnaire to do so by email, using the in-built Moodle course participation report. The Moodle questionnaire tool does not support branching, so you cannot ask students different questions based on their previous answers. If you need this functionality you should look at using Opinio instead.