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The first thing to get right when submitting work for assessment is that you are submitting it to the right place! Double check you are in the right submission area before continuing.

Moodle assignments have a 'hand under a page with tick mark' icon and will look something like this...


Click on the assignment to enter it and you will see a details page for the assignment. This page tells you; the submission status, the grading status, how many attempts/submissions you have made and the due date for the assignment.


Once the due date has passed the time remaining row will turn green if you submitted on time or red if you submitted late.

Deleting or Substituting a Submission

If your assignment is configured to accept only 1 submission then once you've submitted a file, you won't be able to remove or delete it from the assignment inbox. But, if there's an 'Edit submissions' button you can substitute it as follows:


The file will disappear and you can follow the instructions in 'Submitting' above to re-submit.

Marks and Feedback

Once your work has been marked, depending to the Moodle course settings, you may get a notification that the submission has been marked.