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The details page now shows your new submission stauts status and a link to the file you uploaded.


If your instructor has enabled Turnitin within your Moodle Assignment, you will see a link to your Turnitin Similarity Report and your Submission ID under File submissions.

titlesubmit button

Depending on your course administrator's requirements, once you have uploaded a file, you may see a 'Submit assignment' button next to the 'Edit submission' button. To confirm your assignment is final, and not a draft, you must click the 'Submit assignment' button. Failure to click the 'Submit assignment' button will result in your submission being flagged by Moodle as a draft and if you click the 'Submit assignment' button after the due date, the submission will be flagged as late.

Depending on whether the assignment is set up to allow further re-submissions up until the due date, you may or may not see the 'Edit submissions' button.