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Concatenating categories

Sometimes it is necessary to concatenate code list category text into one category. This could be because extra information is provided along the side of the code list, e.g. Example 2, or it could be because there are headings to the categories, e.g. Example 3. Example 2 has additional text to the side of the code list which applies to certain categories. If this was added as a statement then it would not be clear which categories this text applies to, therefore the text is added the code list categories. The order of this concatenation is dependent on the position of the text next to the categories, in this case the text is positioned before the categories and so it is added before. A colon is added in between to denote the two levels. Example 3 below has code list categories which are divided up by headings which apply to some of the categories, again these must be concatenated to the category with a colon to denote the levels.


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