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Controlled VocabularyDesciptionSource
The subject area the questions and variables map to.CLOSER
Life Stage

Phases of the participants life used to categorise the instruments (not to be confused with DDI LifecycleEventType).

The procedure, technique, or mode of inquiry used to attain the data.DDI
The person that provided the information for the instrument (not to be confused with DIDI DDI Response Unit).CLOSER
The type of material being used with question External Aids.CLOSER
The standard internet MIME type used by processing applications for usage with question External Aids.CLOSER
Variable SourceA description of the type of instrument being used.CLOSER
Biological Sample

Use ConditionA list of the types of access arrangement for the data.CLOSER
Commonality TypeType of commonality between itemsCLOSER
Variable Type Flag

Analysis Unit (Study)The unit being analysedCLOSERDDI
Kind of Data