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  • 2015-09-15 E-Learning Advisory Agenda and Notes

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  • A lot of time is going in to the E-Learning Framework - reviewing with staff and students:
  • Assessment and Feedback report now live: https://moodle.ucl.ac.uk/report/myfeedback/index.php?userid=58813&currenttab=overview (although it seems quite slow)
    • Pilot starts this month with IEP and School of Management students
    • Personal Tutors can't see Turnitin Feedback - issue of the moment
  • ALT-C takeaway: student bloggers - app of the week and Embedding BoB into modules - blogs are in progress
  • Need to work on faculty reports - prioritising Bartlett
  • Arena has started again
  • Lots of induction sessions starting soon - faculty inductions to students, ISD Meet and Greet, ISD student induction presentations
  • Biochemical Engineering:
    • displaying E-Learning slides on their monitors - changes monthly based on a calendar of relevant info
    • Putting resetting info in pigeon holes
  • We can run reports to see how many courses have been reset - might be useful to remind staff who haven't to avoid problems.
    • Jess to pilot sending this to TAs in a department.


  •  IOE started using UCL Moodle
    • Primary PGCE developments: bulk group enrolments, timetable, etc
  • Support materials development
    • Course evaluation document conversion into more accessible chuncks
    • Crib sheets in the context of UfI MOOC
  • Infrastructure @ IOE
    • Meeting next week to discuss IOE licence terminations (Moodle, CampusPack, Bb Collaborate, etc)
    • Development of migration/archiving plans
    • Migration of IOE eJournals to UCL Press
  • IOE Assessment Working Group (fka Task & Finish Group) decision on Turnitin:
    • Turnitin mandatory for summative/final assignments
    • Turnitin mandatory for student-led formative checks (plagiarism education)
  • Bb Collaborate Ultra pilots Autumn term:
    • 2 DL programmes: OMRes & OPhD
    • 1 blended learning programme: MA Ed & Tech
  • ALT-C: 
  • MOOCs: ICT4PriEd conversion to MOOC on demand