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SweepInstruments in CLOSER DiscoveryTo be added to CLOSER Discovery
1959 (aged 13 years)

Children's Questionnaire

Teacher's Questionnaire

1961 (aged 15 years)

Examination by the School Doctor

Questionnaire for Headmasters and Headmistresses of Schools Attended by Survey Children

Final Interview with Mother

 TeacherTeacher's Questionnaire

Survey of Mental Ability and Scholastic Attainment

1962 (aged 16 years)

College Questionnaire

Student's Questionnaire

Pupil's Questionnaire

Local Education Authority Questionnaire

Personal Questionnaire

School Questionnaire

Interview Questionnaire



1963 (aged 17 years)

College Questionnaire

Employment and Training Study (Control Group)

School and College Questionnaire

Follow-up of 1963 School Leavers



1964 (aged 18 years)

College Questionnaire

School and College Questionnaire

University Questionnaire

Youth Employment Office's Second Follow-up