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学生 gakusei 'student'. Note that the u is devoiced.

さん san 'Mr, Mrs, Miss'. Usually follows a surname. Do not use san with your own name.


社会人 shakaijin 'working adult' from 社会 shakai 'society' and 人 -jin 'person'. (- indicates an element that can't be used on its own.) 

今日 kyou 'today'

明日 ashita 'tomorrow'. The i is devoiced.

月曜日 getsuyoubi 'Monday'. Getsu- means 'moon, month'.

火曜日 kayoubi 'Tuesday'. Ka- means 'fire'.

ここ koko 'here'

そこ soko 'there'. Often near the other person.

トイレ toire 'toilet'

レストラン resutoran 'restaurant'. The u is devoiced.


Wa. Indicates the topic of the sentence. It is often left out if it is obvious.

Kore and koko. Note how Japanese often uses koko 'here' with places, where English uses 'this'.