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たばこを吸う tabako o suu. Set expression meaning 'to smoke'. 吸う Suu on its own means 'suck'.

ご飯 gohan 'rice; food'

仕事 shigoto 'work (noun)'

働く hataraku 'to work (verb)'

朝 asa 'morning'

新聞 shinbun 'newspaper'


In general statements topic は wa often replaces object を o. These sentences are also possible:


ご飯がありません。 Gohan ga arimasen. 'There's no rice. (implying 'There should be, etc.')'. が has an interesting focusing effect in this sentence. 

Be careful with: 母はいません。 Haha wa imasen. 'Mum is not in. / Mum is dead.'

When topic は wa is used after time and place expressions, the nuance is that they are either old information being echoed in the conversation, or that there is some kind of contrast. For example, 木曜"日は働きません。 木曜日は働きません。 Mokuyoubi wa hatarakimasen." may imply that you do work on other days.