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External Examiner, if already registered with MyAccount, re-sets their own password:

  1. Go to the MyAccount page - https://myaccount.ucl.ac.uk/
  2. Select the I do not know my password - I would like to reset it option. You will need to confirm your userid and the last 5 digits of your phone number, a code will then be sent to you allowing you to reset your password.

If the External Examiner has not registered with MyAccount, Computer Rep contacts Service Desk:

  1. Go to the ISD Service Portal https://ucl–bmcservicedeskwww.eu7ucl.visualac.force.comuk/apexisd/selfservicenew#/support/catalog/commonhow-to/using-isd-service-portal-remedyforce
  2. Contact Service Desk through the MyAccount Staff registration request form (for new people), or Something’s not working (direct email to service desk confirming the identity of the examiner including their current mobile phone number).