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This page is still under construction.

Please refer to the GitHub ddi-flavour documentation for details on how to run Sledgehammer and DDI-flavour. Further details can be found on the wiki page Use DDI-Flavour.

1. Setup Sledgehammer

  • Run the SledgeHammerInstaller.exe to install the software- usually on C: drive programs. Must have admin permissions.
  • Run the software Sledgehammer.jar or from shortcut and select the license. Go to settings > Licensing > browse to the location of the license i.e. JonJohnson.UCL.ent20.lic

2. Setup Python

  • Download version 2.7
  • Add path for windows Run > sysdm.cpl > Advanced > Environment Variables. In the System variable window, find the Path variable and click Edit. Add the location pf the installed Python file e.g. ;C:\Python27\. Test using python -v.

3. Setup DDI-Flavour

.4 Install Java runtime

5. Prepare SPSS files

  • Only run Sledgehammer on SPSS files.
  • SPSS will hold lots of hidden information, Sledgehammer will try to use this and can lead to issues when outputting the DDI-L XML. We would recommend using something like this to get rid of this extraneous information This replaces a file label (often the location of the original file) with the bundle name, and to drop any document(s):

get file="G:\DB\closer_data\bcs70\bcs_1975\bcs_1975_masc.sav".
FILE LABEL "bcs_75_msc".
sysfile info file="G:\DB\closer_data\bcs70\bcs_1975\bcs_1975_masc.sav".
save outfile="G:\DB\closer_data\bcs70\bcs_1975\bcs_1975_masc.sav".

 6. Prepare batch files

7. Run Sledgehammer and DDI-Flavour

  • Run the batch file from the command line. Do not run the Sledgehammer from the GIU.
  • e.g. run_files.bat
  • The output will be in the directory of the .bat files.