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  • Students should login to Moodle as they arrive, navigate to the course and click on the exam link. Moodle is available here: https://moodle.ucl.ac.uk
  • Do you know what the quiz access password is? It may be written below.

    Quiz Password: __________________________________________________________
  • The digital exam attendance sheet should be filled in by each student and their ID cards checked by an invigilator:
    • If you do not have a copy of the attendance sheet you Digital Examination Attendance Sheet you can download it here and print it: www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/staff/e-learning/tools/moodle/policies/e-exams-attendance-sheet.xls
  • Login to a spare computer and navigate to the Moodle course where the exam is located:


Moodle course module code & name:_________________________________

Moodle quiz name:_________________________________________________

Located in topic/week:______________________________________________

Beginning of the exam

  • There should be an access password for the Moodle quiz. Announce this password to students at the beginning of the quiz so they can begin answering the questions.


  • Ensure each student has submitted their quiz before leaving the exam (see p2 see below for details)



  1. Click on the name of the quiz on the Moodle course page.
  2. Go to the Settings tab, and then Quiz administration > Edit Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Extra restrictions on attempts section.
  4. Click the Unmask checkbox to Magnifying Glass icon to reveal the password.

A student has submitted their exam before they have actually finished. How do I re-open their attempt?


  1. Navigate to the quiz.
  2. Click on the Attempts: *Number* link
  3. Ensure there is a time listed in the Completed column alongside the student’s name
    1. * A dash indicates the student has not submitted their exam for marking.