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This guidance takes you through how to collect and assess individual students' MyPortfolio submissions and give marks and feedback.


If you are assessing group work then this guidance isn't for you - see our separate guidance.

In this scenario individual students, working in their own Portfolios, create a Collection of Pages. They then submit the Collection to a Group, where it displays only to the administrator there (assumed to be the tutor and any other assessor).

On this page:

Table of Contents

Set up a place for students to submit to, and add students to it

Leave plenty of time before the deadline to do the following since you will need a MyPortfolio Administrator to set up a group for you, and some students may need to submit early.

Contact your MyPortfolio Administrator (may be a local colleague known as a MyPortfolio Institution Administrator) with a request for a Controlled Membership Group - we suggest naming it as your course code and the year. If your cohort is small enough to add students to the group individually you can do this manually as follows:

  1. From the Group's menu click Members.
  2. Assuming your students are far enough along to have logged into MyPortfolio at least once already, you should be able to add them one by one by clicking the Add many users at once link (find this in the paragraph of text under the Search box).
  3. You can search for each student by ISD userid or by the most distinctive part of their name.
  4. As each search finds a student, select that student by clicking on their name and then use the arrows to move them from the Potential members column to the Users to be added column.
  5. Repeat until you have all the students you need in the Users to be added column.
  6. To save, click Submit (you can return and make changes at any stage).
  7. If there are too many students to add this way, ask your MyPortfolio Institution Administrator to do this by spreadsheet.
  8. Finally communicate with your students so they know what to do and when - see the next section.

Otherwise, if your cohort is too large to reasonably add each student to it individually, then you can add them by spreadsheet (they need to have logged into MyPortfolio at least one previously), or if you've run out of all other options you can contact Digital Education.


See our 'Tutor & assessor questions and answers' resource.