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  • Students can view feedback and grades from their assessments across all their UCL Moodle courses. Student help documentation is available from:https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/ELearningStudentSupport/MyFeedback+for+students
  • Personal tutors  can see their tutees' full MyFeedback reports across all the modules their students are studying. Note: personal tutors will not be able to link through to assessments on courses they do not have tutor access to.
  • Module tutors and assessors  can see MyFeedback reports for their students containing assessment information for any modules they teach and/or assess. They will not see any assessments for modules they do not teach (unless they have been granted tutor access to those Moodle courses).
  • Departmental administrators can can see MyFeedback reports for all the Moodle courses within categories where they have been assigned departmental administrator access in Moodle. Categories in Moodle will either be for the entire  department, or might be broken down further into undergraduate and postgraduate modules. Staff requiring this access will need to ask their department's current category level course administrator to assign them this the MyFeedback Department Administrator role.

Before I start...

To make the most of MyFeedback, markers need to use Moodle in ways that makes the information visible within the report. Many of these suggestions also make assessment feedback more visible to students generally. Please refer to the MyFeedback guide for Module tutors for further information on how markers can provide feedback that is visible within the report and easily viewed by students.