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titleKey considerations
  • Ellipsis
  • Date Masks
  • Office Use Only text
  • Punctuation
  • ASCII characters

This page contains general information relevant to generally the whole entire questionnaire entry process; and they . The topics discussed on this page are listed in the key considerations section Key Considerations above.


The use of ellipsis in metadata archiving is varied but generally consistent. It involves the use of three dots to fill in a space or connect two parts of a question; the practice is to always add only three dots, regardless of the size of the space shown in the questionnaire. The following are examples of the different ways ellipsis is used in questionnaires and how they are entered into Archivist.


Not all of what is included in questionnaires is entered into Archivist. For example, information that is relevant for office use only, is excluded. There are different types of office use only information, for example, in ALSPAC questionnaires there is sometimes a space for filling in the questionnaire number (Example 7 and Example 8).

Example 7 Questionnaire: Mother/Daughter Growing and Changing (5) (ALSPAC).

Questionnaire layout:

Image Modified

Example 8 Questionnaire: NCDS 4 Interview 1981

Questionnaire layout:

Image Added


Sometimes additional punctuation or signs need to be entered into Archivist. As shown in Example 8 below, where the long line in between 'since then' and 'since you left school' has been entered using a forward slash to reflect the choice between the two sentence options.