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A type of construct which narrow which respondants respondents answer a question, usually based upon a previous question.


A type of element that has a position and . It includes; sequences, loops, conditions, statements and questions.


The format which a date is expected to be entered as. It can include part of the date completed alreadya partially completed date. See Transribing Transcribing guidance for an example.



Data Documentation Initiative. A set of specifications used to document social science studies data in a standard standardised way.



Refers to an Archivist element, which is a component used to build the questionnaire in Archivist. See Archivist Elements for further details.


Humanities And Social Science Electronic Thesaurus used . Used as a basis for the topic controlled vocabulary. See Topics for further detialsdetails.



Hertfordshire Cohort Study.


Most commonly the questionnaire used to collect the respondents answers. This could also be a test or form etc. See the controlled vocabualry controlled vocabulary Collection Methods for further details.



The name assigned to the an Archivist element.



A type of construct used to enter a series of repeating questions, which cannot be entered as a grid due to the lack of overarching question.



Medical Subject Headings used . Used as a a basis for the topic controlled vocabularies. See Topics for further detialsdetails.



Metadata is data about data. It provides three main functionfunctions, context, discoverability and action. See the introduction to CLOSER Discovery for further details.


Office for National Statistics used . Used as the basis for the topic controlled vocabularies. See Topics for further detialsdetails.



A type of text response domain whhich which is used when the text answer is an addtion addition to those which have already been provided. See Text Answers for further details.


A question grid contains an overarching question and sub-questions with the same response domain, . These are all contained within one component, along with any instructions and headings.


The format in which the answer to a quesiton question is provided.



A scale is a response domain which has a continum which contains continuum containing both extremes of the same spectrum. See Code Lists for further details.


A type of construct which contains additional text from a questionnaire, which does not contain important context to be part of the question literal nor does it meet the criteria of an instruction.