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Widefield inverted microscope


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Location: MRC Building room 3.17

This is a Leica DMIRB inverted research fluorescence microscope suitable for observing cells on slides or in glass-bottomed or plastic bottomed vessels using either phase contrast or fluorescence microscopy. The microscope has a Hamamatsu C4742-95 Orca greyscale camera suitable for acquiring images of fluorescent specimens but not suitable for imaging histologically or histochemically stained specimens.

The microscope has 20x and 40x long working distance objective lenses that have adjustable correction collars so the objectives can be corrected to focus through different thicknesses. For example, coverslips are usually only 170 microns thick but the growth surface of standard cell culture dishes is approximately 1 mm thick, so a correction collar would have to be set differently for specimens mounted on one or other of these surfaces.