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ng Cousre Lecturecast August 2018

The information contained in this training guide is designed to give Lecturecast Instructors (Moodle Tutors and Course Administrators)
a brief overview of the Lecturecast Active Learning Platform (ALP) at UCL.


4.6 Select the 'Share' option to share your content with an individual 

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Note you can only share content you own 'My Content'



Viewing course analytics

5.1 Navigate to


the Lecturecast section/course

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Click the 'DashboardAnalytics' option in the taskbar to navigate to your dashboard.

5.2 The status of your Lecturecast sections is displayed

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The dashboard contains a snapshot of the status of each of the your Lecturecast sections.

Use the Term list, located in the upper right corner, to change which sections are being displayed on your dashboard page.

Click 'ALL CLASSES' to open the class list page for the section.the section analytics

Information on Understanding Course and Student Analytics can be found on the Echo360 Resource Centre

Lecturecast Online Help

For more guidance on using Lecturecast ALP access Lecturecast Online Help. Access the Instructors tab to find help
on Instructor tasks./ Echo360 access Echo360 Resource Centre