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AttendanceWhether or not the student accesses the specific class section DURING the time it is scheduled. Students can access the section to take notes view presentation material or take part in class activities and Q&A if activated
Video ViewsThe number of times students have viewed 5% or more of the class video.
Presentation ViewsThe number of times students have viewed 5% or more of the class presentation (with at least 5 seconds on each slide).
Q&A / QuestionsThe number of questions and responses posted by students, either in total for the section or viewable by class. It does not take into account Instructor-posted questions or responses.
NotesThe number of words entered by students into the Notes panel and/or Study Guide for the section or class.
ActivitiesWhether or not students are answering the interactive questions/slides posted in class presentations. There are two parts to this metric: Activity participation, and Activity correct.

More For more detailed information about these metrics can be viewed on metrics access Lecturecast Online Help: Engagement and Analytics Metrics 

UCL does not have a definition or policy relating to "Engagement", in addition, attendance with regards to Lecturecast is not associated with UCL's attendance policy. These data therefore cannot be used with regards to Personal Tutor interventions or any of the academic regulations, policies and procedures applicable to all UCL taught and research students (UCL Academic Manual). To use these data for Personal Tutor interventions at this time would also risk non-compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


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