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  • In some circumstances e.g. groups, overwriting grades, displaying feedback, Turnitin's Feedback Studio doesn't talk to Moodle Assignment very well. This means we need the following rule of thumb: if you want to use Turnitin's Feedback Studio, then set up a Turnitin Assignment (instead of a Moodle Assignment) . In other words, if you're using Moodle Assignment, then limit your use of Turnitin's features to just the Similarity Check .
  • When you first create your Moodle assignment with Turnitin integration, a Turnitin class and assignment will be created which you can view on Turnitin UK. However once the assignment is created, you cannot edit Turnitin settings from within Moodle (e.g. to exclude bibliography or to change whether submissions are stored in the repository). Although the settings will appear editable within Moodle, any changes will not carry over to Turnitin. Hence we recommend you create a new assignment if you need to change any of the Turnitin settings.
  • Do take the necessary steps to keep marks hidden until the intended release date otherwise by default marks and feedback are revealed to students as you save them. This is very easy, though you need to know where to find the settings:
  • The simplest way to keep marks hidden from students is to Hide the item in Moodle's Grader Report - see moodledocs for guidance on hiding grades - you can set a 'Hidden Until' date to reveal them automatically, or just do that manually.
  • Don't hide the assignment itself because this doesn't hide the grades (only the link to the assignment) an in any case students may want or need to refer back.
  • We note Marking Workflow can hide grades but we think may be more effort unless you have many markers and/or fluid dates for returning marks and feedback.
  • If you want to limit the period of late submissions, use the 'Cut-off date' and/or 'Grant extension' - see the guidance on granting extensions at moodledocs.
  • Do put concise instructions, or signposts to instructions, into the Assignment's Description - these display at the top of that Assignment's page so students are guaranteed to see them. Putting them there is important because students can get straight into an Assignment from their homepage without going via your Moodle space, and therefore may not see any separate instructions.
  • Multiple markers - as usual, do coordinate carefully, especially if one of you is marking downloaded submissions offline with a marksheet. Before uploading those again it's very important to coordinate carefully with any other markers. 
  • Offline marking is not compatible with use of Moodle Rubrics or Marksheets - those need to be completed online (though you can always download the students' submissions to view offline).
  • The feedback students see will include the name of the last marker to save their marks or feedback.
  • If you enable Turnitin, Turnitin's file restrictions will apply. Whilst student's will still be able to submit to the Moodle assignment, Turnitin will present a warning message to students and will not generate a Text matching report

Turnitin settings:

  • As Turnitin would be the first to say, the percentage match on the Similarity Report cannot be used as any indicator of plagiarism.
  • Turnitin's word count may be different from that of the original word-processed document, and different again from a PDF export of that original.
  • Turnitin won't generate more than one Similarity Report for an student in a given assignment in each 24 hour period; this is to promote engagement with the reports and avoid gaming.
  • Set your Assignment to allow students to generate a Similarity Report on a draft before making their final submission, and support them to interpret the report.
  • Turnitin only recognises quotations within double quotation marks i.e. not inverted commas. This may inflate the percentage match. 
  • If you require peer marking, we suggest using Moodle Workshop - avoid Turnitin Peermark since there are report of several outstanding issues but is no longer being actively developed by Turnitin.