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This document has been drawn up to describe the service staff and students can expect when using the wiki service supported by the Information Systems Services Division at UCL. It is a communication tool to help manage expectations, clarify responsibilities, and provide an objective basis for assessing service effectiveness.


The service is generally available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Notice of all outages will normally be put on the Service News section on the wiki homepage and on Information Systems Service Desk News, except in case of emergencies.
In addition, outages due to IS systems and network upgrades may limit service provision on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 08:00 and 09:00. Occasional weekend shut-downs are arranged which affect all UCL services; these are agreed with senior UCL management and advance notice is given. Every effort is made to minimise the number of weekend shut-downs. Operator cover is from 8am to 7pm, Mon. to Fri. All IS systems, including equipment enabling network access for student owned systems in halls of residence, run unattended overnight and at weekends. If they fail, service may not be restored until the next working day.


The wiki service is supported by the Information SystemsServices Division.
Whenever significant system bugs which may affect the service to users are identified, these are posted on the Service Desk News section of the IS website.
Disk backup: An incremental backup of the wiki server to tape is taken every night.
Confluence Plugins: Users may request new modules and plugins to be added to the wiki service. Requests should be made by completing the Wiki support form and will be approved by the EISD Web Applications Development group which meets every six weeks.


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