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This training guide describes the steps for scheduling recordings for non-modular and special events and subsequently managing the
recordings for these events via Lecturecast ALP.

It involves:

  1. Scheduling a Lecturecast recording for a non-modular event
  2. Managing your event recordings

To create a schedule for a modular event, refer to the Create and Edit an Individual Schedule training guide.


 The Lecturecast Scheduler will look slightly different to the screenshots below as it now includes "Cancelled Events" and these have been taken using the admin interface.


Material captured by the Lecturecast service is only intended for UCL students and should be not be shared beyond this
audience. All material captured must be accessed via an authenticated UCL login.


Special events are events that are NOT part of undergraduate or postgraduate taught programs, e.g. an inaugural lectures, conferences, outreach events, public events, CPD, etc. We recommend that if you have a requirement for a special event, you contact Digital Media at video@ucl.ac.uk. This team will help you to identify
the best method for recording your special event.
If you are unable to record your special event we can allow you to use the Lecturecast recording system to schedule/record the event, however support will not be provided if the recording fails. Unfortunately you cannot publish special the recording into a section in ALP at this platform is not suitable for special events and is only used to store teaching events.

1. Schedule a Lecturecast recording

1.1 Search for an event

1.1.1 Select the search type

Select the search type. For non-modular events use the search type: Location to search for events by room name.

1.1.2 Enter your search parameters and filters

Enter the room name and click the 'Search' button to view all events for the room, then use the filters to find your
non-modular event.

Non-modular events and Special events do not have a Module Code.

1.1.3 Search results are displayed in the 'Events' tab

Events matching your search criteria are displayed.

1.2 Create a schedule for an event

1.2.1 Select an event

Use the check box to select the event you wish to schedule.

1.2.2 Select the options for your recording

Ensure the 'Auto Available' option is de-selected when scheduling non-modular and special event recordings. Use the check boxes
to select/deselect the capture options as required.

1.2.3 Create the schedule

Click the 'Create Schedule' button.

1.2.4 Acknowledge the confirmation

Click the 'OK' button, then click the 'Scheduled Events' tab to view the event you just scheduled.

2. Manage your event recording

Editing a scheduled event for a non-modular/special event recording is the same as a modular recording. Refer to the Create and Edit an Individual Schedule 
training guide.