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Lecturecast October 2017August 2018

Lecturecast captures and other class content is viewed by Instructors and Students via Lecturecast ALP.


1. Find the content you want to view

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Click on the icon of the content you want to view.

2. Select the option to view the content

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Select the 'View' option from the drop down list to open the content in the viewer window.

3. Use the tools in the viewer window 

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The content of the class is displayed in the viewer. In this case, both a video and presentation are displayed.

Use the playback bar at the bottom of the viewer to control the video.

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Click on the smaller media panel to swap that item with the item in the main panel.


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Click the smaller medial panel again to swap back.


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Click the 'Layout' icon to change the layout of the items displayed. Rotate through the options to see which layout works
best for you.


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Click the 'Sources' icon to enable/disable one or more items displayed.


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Use the classroom tools icons to work with the Q&A and flags.