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Once you think your capture is ready to be shared with your students. On the course section screen, click on the 'Media' button and click on the 'Make Available' option in the dropdown. If step only applies to you if your capture is in your course section page and not your personal media library.

  • If you have entered Lecturecast (Echo360) through Moodle, you most likely follow a Moodle LTI activity link that puts you on the course section page that is associated with the Moodle course. If you have logged into Lecturecast (Echo360) directly then you will be on the 'Media Library' page, then you will need to click on the 'Courses' tab and select the course tile to access the course section page. Please visit this wiki page (Learning Lecturecast Basics) to get a basic understanding of how to navigate around Lecturecast (Echo360).
  • If you have selected the 'Auto available' option on Lecturecast Scheduler when you schedule the capture then your capture will be made available to your student automatically when your capture has been processed.