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What is a wiki?
A wiki is a collection of shared webpages that can be edited by anyone in the community, which could be a group of staff and students (UCL Wiki) or the whole world (as is the case of Wikipedia).What can they be used for?
Wikis are great for collaborative projects or resources and are increasingly being used in education.

How do I use a wiki?
Every page in a wiki can be edited. You simply enter the edit mode (generally accessed by clicking on a link or button) and edit the page you were currently viewing. Special syntax to format your text or to add links to other pages or websites.

As wikis can be edited by anyone, the pages are open to attack by users wishing to vandalise the pages. Wikipedia have some some guidelines for preventing vandalism .How can I set up my own wiki?
UCL has a Wiki that can be used by any of its students and staff. To access the UCL Wiki go to: http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk. The UCL Wiki is based on a commercial product called Confluence Wiki.(Wikipedia).

Can I add a wiki to my Moodle course?
Yes, Moodle allows you to add wikis in every course. Moodle uses it sown Wiki tool that is separate from this wiki. You can always link to  a wiki.ucl.ac.uk hosted wiki from your Moodle course.