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  • If your Media should sit within the Lecturecast service instead - so that it sits alongside other recorded lectures, or can make use of interactive features.
  • If you want your media content to be accessible by people outside Moodle - in which case you should upload your recording directly into UCL MediaCentral and add a link to it in your Moodle course. 
  • If you have a significant number of video or audio files that you wish to add to your Moodle course, please contact the UCL MediaCentral Team for further help and information.
  • Whether you have suitable consent from any people appearing in your media content, and if have suitable copyright clearance to use this material. 
  • Please see the MediaCentral Moodle help pages maintained by the Digital Media Services Team for FAQs and further guidance. 

Meeting the baseline

The UCL E-Learning Baseline suggests the following for Resources:

How do I set one up?

Please see the MediaCentral Moodle help pages maintained by the Digital Media Services Team, for full instructions on how to add a Media Resource activity into your Moodle course.