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2.1 Access the Echo360 Home page

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Click on the Echo360 icon to navigate to the Echo360 Home pageNote that you will only have access to sections that
you have previously accessed through a link on a Moodle course.


2.3 Click on the section/course to find the recording

3. Create a copy

  1. Click on the video icon for your chosen recording and select 'Create copy'.
  2. Then, click OK in the warning dialogue box.

The copy you've created is now owned by you and will appear in the Echo360 Home page under the 'My Content' or 'All Content' tab


Locate the copy in either the 'All Content' or 'My Content tab'  (use the Search facility if necessary)

4.2 Select  Select and open the recording you wish to publish

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Click on Share

See the areas below to see how to share to an Individual or publish your recording into a Moodle course.

Image Added Note. the Groups function documentation is to be added.



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Select to publish 'To a course' and select the relevant course and section details from the drop down lists.Share recordings to Individuals

Share Lecturecast recording to individualImage Added

  1. Select Individual and enter their email address within the Share with field.
  2. Click Done. The Individual will be able to access the recording within the 'Shared With Me' area within ALP home page.

Image AddedNote the individual must have an UCL account and must have accessed Lecturecast recording(s) previously to appear on this list.

4.4 Share recordings to a relevant Moodle course

Note that if you are publishing Sharing to a course, you should Must 'Add a new New Class' when prompted to avoid overwriting existing content in the course!

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  1. Select Class.
  2. Use the course drop down to search for your course, you can start typing your course name for your course to appear.
  3. Select your Term.
  4. Select your Section.
  5. You Must 'Add a New Class' to avoid overwriting existing content in the course!


  1. Enter a Class Name.
  2. Enter the date, time and duration when this capture was recorded. (Optional)
  3. Choose from available/unavailable options for students to view


  1. . You can leave content hidden and make it available for students to view at a later date, if required.
  2. Select 'Share' to publish the recording to the course.