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PLEASE NOTE: Currently there is no method for the bulk duplication of recordings from one year's Lecturecast


There may be circumstances in which older recordings need to be re-used in a currently published section.

For example, a recording is cancelled but the same lecture delivered in a previous year is deemed appropriate.

The recommended way of achieving this is to publish a copy of the older recording into the appropriate current section.


section to the next.

The way recordings are reused depends on their ownership and the way in which they've been published. The table below illustrates different scenarios which may apply to your course. Please use the relevant Method to re-share your recordings onto your new course. It is important to follow these instructions to share your recordings once the course has been reset.

Way recording was previously sharedOwnerMethod for re-sharing
From Echo360 library embedded in a Moodle course using the Echo360 plugin tool in Moodle's text editorMember of staff who uploaded

Generally no action needs to be taken to re-use recordings published in this way.  These recordings remain in a course along with other course content even after a course has been reset. These recordings are independent of Lecturecast sections.  Note that analytics for these recordings will simply accrue as they are not re-set.

Recordings shared from staff Echo360 libraries into a previous year's Lecturecast section that now need to be published into a new academic year's section.Member of staff who uploadedIn these cases recordings which will still be available in staff's Echo360 libraries need to be re-shared into the new year's Lecturecast section. The method is the same as that used to originally share the content and identical to the steps from 4.1 below (note, there's no need to create a copy of the recording)
Recordings shared from staff Echo360 libraries into a previous year's Lecturecast section who's classes are then individually linked to different sections of a Moodle course.Member of staff who uploadedThis is identical to the scenario above but requires the additional steps of recreating Lecturecast activity links to individual classes. A short video guide on linking to individual classes is available via the link Create a Link on a Moodle course to a Lecturecast Recording.
Recordings made in Lecturecast equipped teaching spaces and automatically shared into the appropriate section.Owned by the section and not available in any Staff Echo360 library.Any staff member who is an instructor in the section in which the content sits will have the capability to create a copy of the recording in question, this copy will be available to them in their Echo360 library from where it may be re-used using any of the methods above. The process is outlined in the steps below.

1. Navigate to Lecturecast ALP