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It is common that the condition is included in the same sentence as the question text, in which case this needs splitting to avoid repetition. In Example 1 below, 'If yes,' becomes the condition text and the 'please could you describe' becomes the question text. Note that the 'p' in 'please' is kept in lower case. There is often a natural break such as a comma to help with the decision on how to split text. But if not, then you must use your own judgement.


The label should be in the format c_q[questionref], for example c_q18. The condition label contains a collapsed version of the question label it references. That is, any underscores which are in the question label are removed from the condition label in order to distinguish between the question number and the condition number. For example if a condition was labelled c_q14_ii it would not be able to tell if this refers to question 14_ii or whether it is the second condition from question 14. If it was referring to question 14_ii then the condition label would be c_q14ii. See Construct a Label for more on how to name conditions.


The following list details the examples which are included within this wiki page.

More complex condition :
Condition examples