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Collaborate sessions are set up by adding an activity within Moodle.

To create a session

  • Log into Moodle and navigate to the appropriate Moodle course;
  • Identify a section in which to add the Collaborate activity;
  • Turn editing on by clicking on the 'Turn Editing On' button on the top right of the screen, or expand 'Course Administration' and the 'Turn editing on' link;
  • Click 'Add an activity or resource' at the bottom right of the section and select the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra activity.

Collaborate session settings

  • Add a meaningful session name, e.g. the topic and week of study;
  • Add a description, such as the topics to be covered or session schedule;
  • Set the session date and start time;


Tutors (Moderators) should be aware that they can join a session and upload slides or other content a maximum of 15 minutes before its advertised start time.

  • Set the session duration. Note that participants will not be removed at the end of this time but recordings will not be processed until the last participant has left the session;
  • Specify whether guest users (i.e. users without UCL credentials who could not access Moodle to join the session) will need to participate. If yes, tick the 'Allow Collaborate guest access' checkbox and select the role guest users will have in the session. These roles are: Participant (Student: least privileges), Presenter (if someone needs to share files/applications), or Moderator (if someone is running the session);
  • Click the Save and return to course button to create the session.

Collaborate session settings

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