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The COVID-19 outbreak means that all invigilated in person examinations scheduled for the 2020 Main Exam Period have been cancelled.  Some, but not all of the scheduled exams will be run as Timed Online Moodle exams (24hours). These exams will be centrally managed by the UCL examination team. For more information see - Teaching and assessments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The guidance provided via the links below relate to centrally managed and timetabled exams. They provide instruction on how to complete and submit your online exam.

How the 24 hour online exams will work:

  1. You should have received your exam timetable. Please read through this carefully and make a note of key dates and times. All times displayed will be UK times.
  2. An exam section will be set up on the Moodle course related to the module you are to be examined on. The exam section will include guidance on completing the exam and access to the exam paper and answer sheet.
  3. The exam paper will become visible on the date and time displayed on the Moodle course. This will either be at 12:00 noon or 15:00 (UK time) on the date specified. Confirm this on the relevant Moodle course.
  4. All responses to exams questions should be typed in or handwritten (where required e.g. for mathematical questions and graphs). The answer sheet provided should be downloaded and be used as the first page of your submission.
  5. You will have a 24 hour submission window from the time the exam question paper is made visible to submit your work. The duration of 24 hours takes into account those students who may need additional time and rest breaks as a reasonable adjustment, as well those living in different time zones.  You will not be expected to do 24 hours’ worth of work, but the same estimated amount of work that you would have done had your exams been a traditional exam. Ensure you allow yourself enough time to make your submission.  Do not leave it to the last minute when the system may be busy. Allow yourself enough time to submit and resolve any potential issues.
  6. Only one submission will be allowed. No re-submissions will be permitted, ensure you submit the correct file.

Help and support

  • To help you prepare for your exam, a Moodle course has been set up that you can use to practice making a submission to. The course includes an example Exam section including an example answer sheet and Turnitin submission link and detailed guidance on what to expect on the day of the exam. To access the course, you can self-enrol using the following link: Preparing for your online exam .

    We strongly recommend you go through the resources on the Moodle course - Preparing for your online exam to familiarise yourself with the exam process.

On the day of the exam, if you encounter any issues in completing your exam or with the exam paper, please fill out the correct form for assistance. Links to the forms will also be available in the Exam section of the Moodle course.

a) Technical support:  If you have any technical queries on the day of your exam, please complete and submit this form.

b) Problems uploading your work to Turnitin?:  If you encounter any problems submitting/uploading your work to Turnitin e.g. files over 100MB please use this link to submit your exam answer sheet.

c) Problems with the exam paper? If the exam paper is wrong and you need to raise an urgent query regarding the paper please submit this form.

If you cannot access the links, then please call the Service Desk on 020 7679 5000 (internal 25000) and press option 1 for Exams Support. 

  • A set of user guides specific to the timed online exam (24hrs) are available for your reference. Please refer to these for additional guidance (links above)

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