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Your lecturers may ask you to submit large files electronically.  Sometimes the files will be larger than can easily be handled in Moodle.

In these circumstances, you may be asked to add the file to the lecturer’s OneDrive.

OneDrive is a cloud based file storage system.  You do not need to know how OneDrive works.  You need follow the instructions that are sent to you, known as a file request.

Those instructions explain how to upload the file.  This document is a summary.

The file request

The file request link will appear as an email from your lecturer, like this:

Or it may be that your lecturer will send you a simple plain link.

This will open OneDrive in your browser.

The file selection dialog

Your lecturer will have included a short description of what you need to upload.

 When you click the link you will see a page with a short description of the files to be uloaded and a Select files button. Clicking on this button will open up a file browser and allow you select a file for upload.

You will have the chance to add more than one file if you need to either before clicking Upload or after first the file has been uploaded.

You will be asked to add your name to the files:

You will see a progress bar as the files upload and an acknowledgment message when the file has finished uploading.

The file will be recorded as submitted after uploading finishes, so be sure to start uploading in good time for deadlines (especially for any larger files).

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