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Welcome to the home page of the mini audio series on podcasting and audio production. 

In its eight episodes, the series looks at various aspects of how and why to produce audio content for teaching and learning purposes. - Be prepared to get practical: some of the episodes contain activities for you to do while listening!

Here is what's in store for you:

Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 2 - The Pedagogical Angle 

Episode 3 - Make the most of your Voice

Episode 4 - Storytelling 1: Framing your Content

Episode 5 - Storytelling 2: Shaping your Middle Bits

Episode 6 - Tech 1: Good Input

Episode 7 - Tech 2: Recording, Editing, Publishing

Episode 8 - Roundup 


Note to self:
The shortcut to this page is https://tinyurl.com/uclaudio

Download the Toolkit

The toolkit contains prompt sheets and the episode planning template to help you put an audio series together. It's not 100% perfect (yet) - it's work in pandemic progress!

Current version: July 2020