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e.g. grades, comments & rubrics in Moodle & Turnitin.


Useful Resources

  • _[M27 - Moodle gradebook|MoodleResourceCentre:M27 - Moodle gradebook]_

    h2. Open Source Exam Software

    Transforming Exams - e-Exam is a computer based examination system targeted at on-campus, large scale, invigilated examinations. It utilises a student supplied equipment strategy (otherwise known as 'bring your own device' or BYOD) to achieve scalability. It does this by providing a compete operating system, office suite and learning management system on-board a USB stick that is used to boot student owned laptops. Configured to lock out the local HDD, FDD, other USB ports, Bluetooth, infrared and network connectivity for security (an option is available to provide a restricted network connection - e.g. to an institution's LMS). A modular feature set enables paper equivalent exams (giving students a choice between typing and pen on paper), typing only post-paper exams that integrate can multimedia, simulations, software tools in the context of a traditional essay format exam as well as computer marked questions types that utilise the on-board LMS. All components are open source. Learn more and try the demo at http://transformingexams.com

TCExam is computer based testing system - intended for computer based testing on institution supplied equipment. It also has a module to generate OCR MCQ scanning sheets for paper based exams. http://www.tcexam.org/

VirtualX is an open source platform to conduct online exams http://virtualx.sourceforge.net/

Exam Timetabling

UniTime is an open source timetabling system with exam module: http://www.unitime.org/

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