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商量 shāngliang ‘discuss’

勺子 sháozi 'a spoon'

涉及 shèjí 'involve, touch upon'

神奇 shénqí 'miraculous; strange'

识别 (識別) shíbié ‘recognize’

实在 (實在) shízài ‘really’

售票处 (售票處) shòupiàochù ‘ticket booth’

售票机 (售票機) shòupiàojī ‘ticket machine’

暑假 shǔjià ‘summer holiday’

输入 shūrù 'to import'

叔叔 shūshu ‘uncle (father’s younger brother)’

梳子 shūzi 'a comb'

四处 sìchù (四處) ‘everywhere’

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