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If you are new to UCL or digital education, here are some ways in.

Practices and concepts

Refer to the Teaching and Learning Portal toolkits to find out how different technologies relate to educational purposes.


Find out which platforms are directly supported at UCL, which external tech we recommend, and which practices they support.

Digital Education has specific guides to help you understand and use the technologies, namely:

What colleagues are doing

The UCL Teaching and Learning Portal chronicles digital education initiatives taking place around UCL.

Educational development  - Arena Programmes

Coordinated by the UCL Arena Centre in partnership with Digital Education, the Arena Programmes can support you to four levels of fellowship accredited by the Higher Education Academy. 

Curriculum design workshops - ABC

These 90 minute Arena Blended Connected activity design sessions are available to all teaching staff on demand and work particularly well for teaching teams designing or reviewing core modules on a programme.

Glossary of digital education terms

This glossary is a good place to find out what e-learning tools are being used at UCL; both centrally supported systems like UCL Moodle and external platforms available on the Web

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