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去 qù is 'go'

却 què is 'however, on the other hand'

Here's an example from The Buddha statue and the stone steps:
为什么我每天受到人们的践踏,你却能受到大家的膜拜呢? Wèishénme wǒ měi tiān shòudào rénmen de jiàntà, nǐ què néng shòudào dàjiā de móbài ne?
Why have I been trampled on and yet you have been worshipped by people every day?

怯 qiè is 'timid'

The element on the left is a form of 心 xīn 'heart', indicating an emotion.
This character is not very high frequency; skip if you're in a hurry!

法 fǎ is 'method' or 'French'

The element on the left is a form of 水 shuǐ 'water, if that helps!
Common words: 方法 fāngfǎ 'method', 法国 Fǎguó 'France'

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