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If you put ください kudasai after the Te Form you get 'please (do something)' as an instruction or request:

ここに名前と住所を書いてください。 Koko ni namae to juusho o kaite kudasai. 'Please write your name and address here.'

あの窓を閉めてください。 'Please close that window.'

電話番号を教えてください。 Denwa bangou o oshiete kudasai. 'Please tell me your telephone number.'


Please help take one more photo.


Please write a report.

すみませんが、この漢字の読み方を教えてください。 Sorry, but please teach me how to read this kanji.


Please help a little.'


Please speak a little slower.


教える -> 教えます -> 教(おし)えて teach

撮る -> 撮ります -> 撮(と)って take (a photo)

手伝う -> 手伝います -> 手伝(てつだ)って help

 to 'and' (between nouns with the implication that this is the full list)

 juusho 'address'


You can use くださいませんか kudasaimasen ka, the negative as a more polite equivalent of ください kudasai. Interestingly, in English such negative commands tend to me not as polite.


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